Wednesday, July 4, 2012

60 is the new 45

This post might seem off topic, but really it isn't.
Reflecting about my generation compared to my parents or grandparents; the 6th decade was the time of slowing down, retiring from jobs and basically getting ready for the next stage: death or infirmity.

When I observe my contemporaries, I see people in their 2nd or possibly 3rd career or business, enjoying the challenges, enjoying their grown children, grandchildren and significant other relationships. Perhaps some of this change is out of necessity, we need to support ourselves. Out of this necessity, a new reality has blossomed, for the betterment of our lives.
The rocking chair is far ahead in the future, for most of us.

Some of this shift is due to improvements in health, prevention of the diseases that our parents and grandparents had less control over. Some due to the new ways we are finding to improve our own health, such as healthier eating habits, lifestyle, fitness, meditation etc. Still some is about mindset.
How much of what you think becomes your reality ? How is it that some at 90 still run a business, and some at 70 have given up? there's no simple answer, but there is a definite link to how you see your future and what it becomes.
As we learn to expand our consciousness and embrace new attitudes, we expand our potential to live fully and richly in our later years.

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Eric Gilboord said...

Completely agree with you. In fact I feel more alive and more capable than when I was 45. 60+ is like a bonus time where you are ready for anything.