Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Help an Aging Brain

Courtesy of Seniors Directory.com
Doing Tai Chi satisfies many of these criteria

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's not too late!

You get viruses a lot, you think that is normal -isn't everyone sick? It's going around. Your colds and flu last for weeks sometimes months. You run to the doctor to get pills, even when they really can't help you. You eat poorly, you feel tired and worn out. You don't exercise and you may even overindulge in alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and like most of us you have emotional, financial and environmental stress.

Why won't you take care of your stress?
I don't care if it's exercise, meditation, listening or playing music, art, tai chi, reading, martial arts, deep breathing exercises, yoga or playing video games... if you don't find out what relieves your stress, your stress is going to make you ill - no, it's already making you ill, you just don't know it yet..

The small annoyances of repetitive colds and flu are the least of your problems, the constant stresses that affect your life will eventually cause some major problem with your health.

So....  take control of your health and do something to relieve your stress, it's a small investment for your future.