Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can practising mindfulness meditation help you stay focused?

 he following article was taken from a conversation with Janet Murchison, occupational therapist, and Dr. Norm Farb, Baycrest post-doctoral fellow.
To practise mindfulness walk slowly, notice the contact of the feet on the ground, the interplay between muscles in the front and back of the leg, the slow shift of balance from one leg to another.
As we grow older many of us notice that it can become harder to concentrate on the task at hand. For seniors, life transitions can pose their own set of challenges, preoccupying thoughts with worries, stressors and anxieties.

The prospects of changing health, ability to manage day- to-day life, roles, responsibilities and social circumstances are real and valid concerns for older adults. The problem is, at some point all of these concerns and worries can themselves become the biggest contributor to a person’s stress!

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