Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why do it?

Follow Me Tai Chi & Qigong is a NO MEMORIZATION class which features simple postures, breathing and meditation.
If you have never tried Tai Chi or you have tried the traditional way of learning, and found it unsuccesful you will love this class.
It can also be a great additional class for experienced Tai Chi players.

Class structure:
A. Chi (energy) boosting Qigong warm up for 15 minutes.
B. Tai Chi forms for 35 minutes
C. 5 minute meditation.
D. 5 minutes self massage.
You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and positive.

I have studied classical Tai Chi & Qigong for the past 25 years. I wish everyone had the time, place and access to wonderful teachers to learn what I have. The reality is; most people don't.
By simplifying the Essential Elements and Principles; I have created an EASY to follow program that will give the benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qigong without the difficult footwork or the need to memorize.

Having a busy schedule won't put you behind if you miss a class. Since we are not learning a sequence, every class is stand alone. In addition each student will receive a home study book for reference.

Class is designed for all levels including disabled participants.

Please come try it out!

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